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WERIT UK ist the sole British Retail Consortium accredited manufacture of  Intermediate Bulk Containers on the planet, assuring you of the highest quality, safety and traceability associated with food grade primary packaging.

WERIT UK, a leading UK manufacturer of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), Canisters, Containers and Pallets, was awarded in May 2017, British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation at its factory in Irlam, Manchester. Qualification for this accreditation saw WERIT UK embark on an 18 month journey which included a full review of operational, quality and administrative processes to ensure conformity with the BRC standard.

The food industry is one of the most legislated in the world and all stakeholders within its UK supply chain are demanding complete traceability from their suppliers. For WERIT UK the desire to achieve BRC accreditation was driven by customers seeking to ensure that the standards already in existence were verified by a recognised external standard specific to the Food Industry. Essentially the quality, safety and legal standards maintained within WERIT UK’s manufacturing facility are proven to be directly equivalent and compatible with those of the food production facilities of its own customers.

According to the British Retail Consortium, the benchmarked Global Food safety Initiative (GFSI) helps the food industry meet legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act. If a supplier gains certification against the BRC global standard it assures the customer that they are dealing with a company that reaches high levels of competence in areas critical to the delivery of products with food grade quality and integrity.

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Say Goodbye
to Dangerous Splashes

The container for hazardous liquids with guaranteed TOTAL DISCHARGE

At WERIT’s production site in Manchester we produce, assemble and sell WERIT’s range of IBCs, canisters, plastic pallets and industrial tanks.

WERIT offer 20 and 25 ltr canisters with a choice of colour and weight that are all UN certified for transportation of dangerous goods and are also food contact approved. All our canisters stack 3 high with 17 per layer ensuring optimum pallet utilisation.

The Ecovent Range is anti-glug courtesy of a ventilation channel to
ensure safe and total discharge of hazardour liquids. WERIT also offer
a entry level Standard Canister range.


  • Precise dosage– Precise dosage
  • Universal use due to wide ranging approvals for hazardous liquids
  • Optimized pallet utilisation:
    17 units per layer, 51 per pallet
  • Optimal stacking abilities
  • Low lead time


  • Container and screw cap are made of virgin HDPE

Say Goodbye
to leaks

WERIT Piston Valves Less Leaks for More food security

Butterfly valves tend to leak after a few uses but WERIT’s unique Piston Valve remains leak free for over twenty uses, working with the liquid payload to keep it sealed. It is durable with a plastic coated, steel core spindle and either PCP, EPDM or Viton seals.

For highly viscous liquids, upgrade to WERIT’s new 3” trumpet piston valve – the piston’s trumpet shape discharges thicker liquids up to 80% quicker than our standard piston valve.

Say Goodbye
to Risky Wood

WERIT Hygiene Pallet

WERIT’s Hygiene Pallet is developed specifically for the Food & Beverage industry. Manufactured from Virgin HDPE, this one piece modular moulding has no moisture or dust traps and has runners that are welded on the underside, all meaning it can be easily sanitised.

Safety features continue with nesting blocks on the pallet deck and an anti-slip perimeter edge ensuring safe transit and storage of hand held crates.

Available in UK, Euro and Half-Euro sizes, with tare weights of 9 to 18 kg and load capacities of 5T static, 1.25T dynamic and 1 T racked, the WERIT Hygiene Pallet in the answer to most food company needs. Options also exist for top foil printing and barcodes.

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WERIT Intermediate Bulk Containers New Standard in IBC Food Safety

To complement its recent BRC Accreditation, WERIT have launched the  NUTRiline IBC which is expected to be a popular choice amongst customers  in the food industry. Manufactured from virgin, food grade polymer, this IBC range is fitted with WERIT’s unique piston valve which offers up to 400% less leakage with recurring use compared to the competition. The optional trumpet  style piston valve has 80 percent greater flow rates than the standard piston valve allowing for faster liquid extraction, especially higher viscous products.

For greater food security the NUTRiline has a tamper evident tag for the piston valve cap and an aluminium seal over the valve which provides protection from outside influences. Regarding the lid, it’s dust cap also has a similar tamper evident tag and there are a choice of enhanced venting options for the neck opening to prevent contamination of the IBC’s contents during the discharge process.

What’s more, hygiene is optimised on all WERIT IBCs including the NUTRiline due to the vertical bar construction on the cage which does not allow accumulation of moisture or dirt and therefore is far less likely to enable the build-up of bacterial deposits or the on-set of rust. The risk of contamination can be further reduced if a customer chooses a plastic or combi pallet base to replace the entry level wooden pallet base.

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