Washer (large set)

Washer (large set)

Similar to DIN 9021, DIN EN ISO 7093

Standard material: PA 6

Special colours: PA 6


Data sheet on washers of the large set by WERIT
PA 6 natural

PA 6 natural

Item NumberTypeColourPU (Pieces)
328-00300011f. M 3natural2000Notepad
328-00400011f. M 4natural2000Notepad
328-00500011f. M 5natural2000Notepad
328-00600011f. M 6natural2000Notepad
328-00800011f. M 8natural1000Notepad
328-01000011f. M 10natural1000Notepad
328-01200011f. M 12natural500Notepad
328-01600011f. M 16natural500Notepad
Smooth PVC

Smooth PVC

Item NumberTypeColourPU (Pieces)
328-00300051f. M 3natural2000Notepad
328-00400051f. M 4natural2000Notepad
328-00500051f. M 5natural2000Notepad
328-00600051f. M 6natural2000Notepad
328-00800051f. M 8natural1000Notepad
328-01000051f. M 10natural1000Notepad
328-01200051f. M 12natural500Notepad
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