Stacking Containers With Curved Lips


Perfectionists in the food industry and anywhere where hygiene and fast cleaning are of key importance! Due to its round container geometry this system has several clear advantages. Fast and 

simple to clean, no dirt traps, easy to carry. These benefits mean that you save time and therefore also lower costs for your company. We are delighted to offer tailored customer solutions on request.

WERIT Stacking Container with Curved Lips grey
Nach Branchen filtern
400 x 300 mm

400 x 300 mm

Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides closed

256-31551000 matt white16513PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31553000 grey16513PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31561000 matt white21518PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31563000 grey21518PDF DownloadNotepad
600 x 400 mm

600 x 400 mm

Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides closed

256-31571000With water drainage holes in curved lipmatt white16530PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31573000With water drainage holes in curved lipgrey16530PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31581000With water drainage holes in curved lipmatt white21540PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31583000With water drainage holes in curved lipgrey21540PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31591000With water drainage holes in curved lipmatt white32060PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31593000With water drainage holes in curved lipgrey32060PDF DownloadNotepad
800 x 600 mm

800 x 600 mm

Item NumberColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides closed

256-31631000matt white22080PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31633000grey22080PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31601000matt white320120PDF DownloadNotepad
256-31603000grey320120PDF DownloadNotepad


Item NumberTypeColour

Label holder

269-3998K000shortmatt whiteNotepad
269-3998L000longmatt whiteNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Hooded cover

256-31111000400 x 300 mmmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
256-31113000400 x 300 mmgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
256-31621000600 x 400 mmmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
256-31623000600 x 400 mmgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Roller truck

269-39954LB0600 x 400 mm, 2 castor wheels, 2 fixed wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39954L00600 x 400 mm, 4 castor wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39957GKL600 x 400 mm, 4 castor wheelsbluePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39940000800 x 600 mm, aluminium profile with 4 castor wheelsmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39880000Centering angle plate (when using stack and nest containers)blackNotepad
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