Meat Crates


WERIT meat crates are standardised means of transportation within the meat and sausage processing industries and in retail. They correspond to EHI specifications and DIN 55 423. The smooth floor means that the crates can be used 

on runways and conveyor belts. The holes and handle openings ensure that air can circulate freely. The circumferential rim is self-centering, self-locking and ensures that water flows away.

WERIT Meat Crate red
Nach Branchen filtern
400 x 300 mm

400 x 300 mm

Item NumberColourHeightVolume

Meat crate E4

261-34534000red12511,6PDF DownloadNotepad
600 x 400 mm

600 x 400 mm

Item NumberColourHeightVolume

Meat crate E1

261-34504000red12525PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberColourHeightVolume

Meat crate E2

261-34511000matt white20040PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34513000grey20040PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34514000red20040PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34515000gelb20040PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34516000grün20040PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34517000blue20040PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberColourHeightVolume

Meat crate E3

261-34524000red30060PDF DownloadNotepad
261-34527000blue30060PDF DownloadNotepad


Item NumberTypeColour

Plastic pallets

272-34613000Hygiene pallet EURO H1greyPDF DownloadNotepad
272-34603A00Hygiene pallet H1greyPDF DownloadNotepad
272-34623000Hygiene pallet H2greyPDF DownloadNotepad
272-34633OM0Hygiene pallet H3greyPDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour


252-32714100600 x 400 mmredPDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Label holder

269-3998K000shortmatt whiteNotepad
269-3998L000longmatt whiteNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Roller truck

269-39954LB0600 x 400 mm, 2 castor wheels, 2 fixed wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39954L00600 x 400 mm, 4 castor wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39957GKL600 x 400 mm, 4 castor wheelsbluePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39940000800 x 600 mm, aluminium profile, 4 castor wheelsmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39880000Centering angle plate (when using stack and nest containers)blackNotepad
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