Large Containers


WERIT large containers are the right choice for heavier products. Smooth, rounded inner walls enable fast and simple cleaning.

Large containers 210 L, 360 L and 650 L can be fitted with a bung hole and a rubber bung or an outlet tap.

WERIT Large Container white
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Large container

Large container

Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

800 x 600 mm

259-31901000 matt white405140PDF DownloadNotepad
259-31901V00Reinforced floormatt white415140PDF DownloadNotepad
259-31921000Reinforced floor, 2 castor wheels and 2 fixed wheelsmatt white550140PDF DownloadNotepad
259-31921001Reinforced floor, 4 castor wheelsmatt white550140PDF DownloadNotepad
259-31941000Reinforced floor, with feetmatt white510140PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

790 x 605 mm

259-31881000With feetmatt white685210PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

945 x 725 mm

259-31891000With feetmatt white830360PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

1195 x 905 mm

259-31911000With feetmatt white835650PDF DownloadNotepad


Item NumberTypeColour


259-31951000800 x 600 mmmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
259-31881D00804 x 625 x 40 mm for 259-31881000matt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
259-31891D00952 x 745 x 47 mm for 259-31891000matt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
259-31911D001255 x 995 x 65 mm for 259-31911000matt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour


269-3188FG00for volumes 210 (259-31881000), carrier galvanizedmatt whiteNotepad
269-3189FG00for volumes 360 (259-31891000), carrier galvanizedmatt whiteNotepad
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