Euro Standard Stacking Containers


WERIT stacking containers are suitable for use within industry, retail and the food industry. All WERIT Euro standard stacking containers correspond to European palette  standard sizes and therefore 

save money on transportation and on warehouse volumes. We are delighted to implement tailored customer solutions on request.

WERIT Euro Standard Stacking Container grey
Nach Branchen filtern
400 x 300 mm

400 x 300 mm

Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides closed

252-32801000Handle stripmatt white12011PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32803000Handle stripgrey12011PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32811000Handle stripmatt white17016PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32813000Handle stripgrey17016PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32821000Handle stripmatt white22021PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32823000Handle stripgrey22021PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32831000Handle stripmatt white27026PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32833000Handle stripgrey27026PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32841000Handle stripmatt white32031PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32843000Handle stripgrey32031PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32843VGÖ2 handle openingsmatt white32031Notepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides pierced through

252-328510002 handle openingsmatt white12611PDF DownloadNotepad
252-328530002 handle openingsgrey12611PDF DownloadNotepad
252-328610002 handle openingsmatt white17616PDF DownloadNotepad
252-328630002 handle openingsgrey17616PDF DownloadNotepad
252-328710002 handle openingsmatt white22621PDF DownloadNotepad
252-328730002 handle openingsgrey22621PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom closed & sides pierced through

252-329010002 handle openingsmatt white11611PDF DownloadNotepad
252-329030002 handle openingsgrey11611PDF DownloadNotepad
252-329110002 handle openingsmatt white16616PDF DownloadNotepad
252-329130002 handle openingsgrey16616PDF DownloadNotepad
252-329210002 handle openingsmatt white21621PDF DownloadNotepad
252-329230002 handle openingsgrey21621PDF DownloadNotepad
600 x 400 mm

600 x 400 mm

Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides closed

252-32481000Handle stripmatt white509PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32483000Handle stripgrey509PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32491000Handle stripmatt white7514PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32493000Handle stripgrey7514PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32501000Handle stripmatt white12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-32503000Handle stripgrey12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325110002 handle openingsmatt white17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325130002 handle openingsgrey17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325210002 handle openingsmatt white22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325230002 handle openingsgrey22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325310002 handle openingsmatt white32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325330002 handle openingsgrey32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325410002 handle openingsmatt white42083PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325430002 handle openingsgrey42083PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom & sides pierced through

252-325510004 handle openingsmatt white12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325530004 handle openingsgrey12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324210004 handle openingsmatt white15029PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324230004 handle openingsgrey15029PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325610004 handle openingsmatt white17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325630004 handle openingsgrey17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325710004 handle openingsmatt white22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325730004 handle openingsgrey22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325810004 handle openingsmatt white32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325830004 handle openingsgrey32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324310004 handle openingsmatt white35069PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324330004 handle openingsgrey35069PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325910004 handle openingsmatt white42683PDF DownloadNotepad
252-325930004 handle openingsgrey42683PDF DownloadNotepad
Item NumberTypeColourHeightVolume

Bottom closed & sides pierced through

252-326010004 handle openingsmatt white12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326030004 handle openingsgrey12023PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324410004 handle openingsmatt white15029PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324430004 handle openingsgrey15029PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326110004 handle openingsmatt white17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326130004 handle openingsgrey17033PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326210004 handle openingsmatt white22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326230004 handle openingsgrey22043PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326310004 handle openingsmatt white32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326330004 handle openingsgrey32063PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324510004 handle openingsmatt white35069PDF DownloadNotepad
252-324530004 handle openingsgrey35069PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326410004 handle openingsmatt white42083PDF DownloadNotepad
252-326430004 handle openingsgrey42083PDF DownloadNotepad


Item NumberTypeColour


252-32951000400 x 300 mm lidmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
252-32953000400 x 300 mm lidgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
252-32951S00400 x 300 mm hinged lidmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
252-32953S00400 x 300 mm hinged lidgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
252-32701000600 x 400 mm hooded covermatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
252-32703000600 x 400 mm hooded covergreyPDF DownloadNotepad
252-32711000600 x 400 mm lidmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
252-32713000600 x 400 mm lidgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
252-32711S00600 x 400 mm hinged lidmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
252-32713S00600 x 400 mm hinged lidgreyPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39900000Hinged closure for lidmatt whiteNotepad
269-39910000Sliding closure for hinged lidmatt whiteNotepad
269-39990000Snapping closure for hinged lid Scharnierdeckelmatt whiteNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Label holder

269-3998K000shortmatt whiteNotepad
269-3998L000longmatt whiteNotepad
Item NumberTypeColour

Roller truck

269-39954LB0600 x 400 mm, 2 castor wheels, 2 fixed wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39954L00600 x 400 mm, with 4 castor wheelsredPDF DownloadNotepad
269-39957GKL600 x 400 mm, grid with 4 castor wheelsbluePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39940000800 x 600 mm, aluminium profile with 4 castor wheelsmatt whitePDF DownloadNotepad
269-39880000Centering angle plate (when using stack and nest containers)blackNotepad
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