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Splash water


Splash water containers from WERIT – safe, reliable, flexible

  • Ideal for swimming bath construction and as water reservoirs
  • For reliable, long-term storage of liquid and paste media
  • Industrial and safety tanks without straps
  • Up to 5,000 litres capacity
  • Various special connectors and drip pans for increased safety during storage
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Industrial tanks from WERIT – ideal splash water containers

WERIT industrial tanks are ideal for use as splash water tanks in swimming bath construction, as reservoirs (cisterns) or in heating and solar technology. They guarantee reliable, long-term storage and safe transport of liquid or paste media – even for liquids classified as hazardous. That’s why our customers include, amongst others, companies in the foodstuffs, drinks, automobile, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as automotive suppliers and companies in logistics all of whom purchase our industrial and safety tanks with or without straps. We have also developed intelligent accessories such as special connectors and drip pans for industrial tanks between 800 litres and 2,500 litres or 3,000 litres and 5,000 litres, and safety tanks between 750 litres and 800 litres or between 1,000 litres and 1,500 litres.

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The function of a splash water container

Splash water and surge tanks are used to regulate the levels in swimming baths and large aquariums, for example. Several WERIT industrial and safety tanks – usually in the form of so-called tank batteries – are used here as large water containers, generally installed at a lower level than the connected swimming pool.

This reservoir acts as intermediate storage for large amounts of water which is collected from the pool via overflow channels. The containers or container system also regulate the level of the swimming pool – depending on the number of visitors, for example.

A connected recirculation treatment device simultaneously ensures the supply and return of fresh water, which can be pumped back into the swimming pool as required. In addition, splash water containers ‘stockpile’ water, which is needed for so-called filter backwashing, that is, the filter cleaning.

More than just splash water containers – WERIT also offers accessories

Depending on your specification profile, at WERIT you can choose between industrial tanks with or without straps and double-walled safety tanks with different capacities. Various special connectors and drip pans on the one hand guarantee increased safety, and on the other ensure that the different tanks can be adapted to suit your desires, ideas and needs perfectly.

WERIT products in action

A number of projects clearly illustrate the fact that the application of WERIT plastic tanks is extremely varied and flexible. In addition to applications in intelligent water systems as splash water containers, our tanks have plenty more to offer:

Refrigeration and air-conditioning

Aquatic systems

Machine and plant engineering

Water technology

Environmental technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Are WERIT plastic containers really safe?

We are able to manufacture containers with a capacity of up to 5,000 litres each. We rely on our 65 years of experience in plastic processing to help us here. A high-quality finish, the latest process techniques and double-walled safety tanks guarantee reliable and safe storage of liquid or paste media – even for hazardous goods. Many of our customers come from the chemical industry, the foodstuffs industry, the machine and plant engineering sector and the swimming bath construction sector, amongst others. All of these applications require maximum safety and reliability which WERIT achieves with high-density, UV-stabilised polyethylene (PE-HD). This is why our industrial and safety tanks are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

The material used is resistant to most chemicals, among other things, and is particularly shock- and shatter-proof. Any special requirements on containers, such as resistance to temperature fluctuations, are also met with ease.

You will see that our tanks have an outstandingly high level of safety and score extra points with functionality and a long, reliable service life. A further advantage: the light transparency of the natural-coloured tanks allows you to monitor the content level easily and to clean the smooth inner walls with ease.

I need splash water containers with very particular dimensions. Is that possible?

As an experienced manufacturer of industrial tanks for use as splash water containers, we know that it is not always possible simply to use standard-sized containers. A lack of space or specific on-site circumstances sometimes make it necessary to use tailor-made containers. This is why WERIT manufactures tanks from welded PE plate material entirely according to your specifications.

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Should you require individually manufactured industrial or safety tanks for specific areas of application, for example with additional supports, we will be happy to find a suitable tailor-made solution for you – simply contact our customer service team.

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