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23.03.2015 Pressemeldungen

A Clean Job: WERIT Kunststoffwerke Optimises Cooling Circuits

Altenkirchen, 23rd March 2015 – WERIT Kunststoffwerke is specialised in the manufacturing of industrial packaging like IBC for sensitive products of the foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry. In doing so, WERIT produces focussing on an extensive protection of man and machine. Just recently a project to optimise the performance and quality of cooling water was completed. In the course of this project, we will do without toxic chemicals in the future. For this purpose, WERIT integrated a technology for more hygiene and cleanliness in collaboration with Greensafer.

The wastewater treatment plant of the enterprise Greensafer serves as a possibility to clean cooling circuits in a clean and biocide-free way. In this ecologically-friendly solution bacteria in the four 20 m2 circuits used by WERIT are being destroyed and the water is being kept in an optimal condition, meaning it has drinking water quality. For reasons of quality intensification, the water of the cooling circuits is being analysed and optimised in regular monitoring.

A new production standard is established

The way to this clean solution passes the following process chain: First of all, the cooling circuits were cleaned accurately in 2014, using an ecological disinfectant. The following water samples proofed a suitable high quality. The amount of microbes was located on a healthy level.

This was the reason for WERIT to implement hazardous-free solutions into the production of IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) and thus to improve the ecobalance of the company. At the same time the customers benefit from the highest operational standards of safety.

Now all of the circuits are being monitored continuously by measuring cells, as and when required they are being reinoculated and therefore the highest production standards can be guaranteed. The disinfectant Biodyozon®, which is produced on-site, also provides another advantage: In addition, it dissolves the biofilm and old facings in the pipes and thus increases the cooling capacity due to the enhanced thermal conductivity λ in the tools.

Moreover, the company fulfills guideline VDI 2047 sheet 2, which was established in January 2015. Altogether WERIT operates their technologies on high ecological and economical standards in terms of the environment and the customers.

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