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Kunststoff-Schrauben und -Muttern für Apparatebau, Gehäusebau, Maschinenbau, Elektrotechnik
15.01.2015 Pressemeldungen

The screw matters

Altenkirchen, 15th January 2015– Special applications need special solutions. Thus, plastic screws and plastic nuts are a favoured solution in numerous industrial sectors, such as apparatus engineering, casing construction, manufacturing systems engineering, electrical engineering etc. Light, stable, heat-resistant and rust-resistant – these attributes convinced a manufacturer of operating lights of the usage of plastic screws and nuts. WERIT Kunststoffwerke answers the question why the plastic screw is ahead of its metal counterpart.

WERIT Kunststoffwerke, who are a well-known producer of plastic packaging, such as IBC, have been operating in the market for screws and nuts made of plastic since 1960.

One of the very first customers was the company August Lepper, a manufacturer of power transformers for energy supply and washing machines. Due to the media used in this area, plastic screws were the ideal solution for their machines. In 1984 August Lepper was taken over by ABB Transformatorenwerk, but remained a consumer of WERIT till this day. While these days, hexagon socket screws were mainly ordered, the customer’s need developed throughout the years and got much more specific. WERIT developed a whole new area of operations: “Plastic screws and nuts”.

“The plastic screws show a high level of stability, meanwhile they are very light and they do not rust. Thus, they fulfill special requirements, for example in damp areas”, Anja Bovernderd from the sales and distribution team of WERIT explains.

The lightness carries weight

Which advantages does plastic have in detail? It is much lighter than other material like aluminum or steel and has a density of 0.8 to 2.2 g/cm3. This is why the screws are that light. In comparison: A plastic screw weighs 1, an aluminium screw 2 and a screw made of steel weighs five times as much.

Moreover plastic products show a high stability and consistency against corrosion and rotting, they do not rust. Their high electrical insulating property leads to the material not being electrically conductive. Furthermore, plastic offers a very good heat insulation and acoustical absorption. Depending on the kind of plastic, it is resistant against chemicals and acids, a fact that predestines their use in areas where these liquids are common.

The great processing possibilities in moulding and manufacturing, the high choice of colours and the comfortable imprint possibilities and other advantages lead to this material being economically attractive in mass production.

Disadvantages are the lower mechanic strength compared to steel, as well as the lower shape retention in very high surrounding temperature and flammability – the screws may break or lose their stability in such environments.

Proven in many industrial sectors: from automotive to application in aeronautics

Hence there are lots of application scenarios for plastic screws and plastic nuts in industries like the automotive industry, aeronautics, medical engineering, lighting industry and many more. For example, one company from Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria, Germany) produces special machines for wet-chemically processes in the areas of photovoltaics and electronic semiconductors. The screws used in these processes have to be heat-resistant and insulating.

“We experience a continuously increasing demand for plastic screws and plastic nuts. They are suitable for the usage in places where acids or other chemical liquids are used, or where heat-resistant and light products are needed. Our customers are for example manufacturers of special machines in wet-chemical processes or manufacturers of facility components for the industry”, says Anja Bovenderd.

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