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14.11.2014 Pressemeldungen

Keeping liquid goods airtight: Safely done with WERIT TOPline IBC

Altenkirchen, 2 September 2014 – Maximum safety for the transport of hazardous goods: WERIT’s UN-certified TOPline IBC is the first Intermediate Bulk Container approved to handle densities that are well beyond standard. Almost all liquid goods with a density up to 2.4 grams per cubic centimetre are now packed securely including dyes, acids, varnishes, foodstuff, or other special solutions. An IBC approved to store and transport liquids of this density is unique on the German market. 

WERIT Kunststoffwerke specialises in the development of innovative products (primarily made of plastic) for domestic engineering, industrial packaging and special products. WERIT also distributes IBCs as well as canisters and plastic pallets for food production and the transport of hazardous goods. 

WERIT has now developed the TOPline IBC product range even further: “special applications” such as the transportation of special paints can be packed securely with an IBC density of up to 2.4 grams per cubic centimetre and sent on their way either by land or on water. 

TOPline IBC: high density liquids packed securely
To guarantee the performance of the IBC in transporting material of extreme density, WERIT conducts the following stress test: The plastic container is filled and stored holding the original content for 6 months. This exposes the packaging to any potential damaging impact from the liquid. After this period of conditioning, the IBC is cleaned of all the residues from the original charge, then filled with water and antifreeze. Within 48 hours, the mixture is cooled down to -20 °C and then dropped from a height of 2.4 metres. The conventional IBC would only have to withstand a drop from the height of 1.9 metres maximum. Outstanding results are achieved due to the design of the WERIT TOPline IBC. Then, the leak test, vibration test, lifting test, stacking test, and the hydraulic internal pressure test with 100 kPa take place over 24 hours.

 “There have been no approved IBCs to date that can handle such extreme densities. With the upgrade of the products’ capabilities, WERIT Kunststoffwerke expands its diversified product range with a clear focus on quality and safety. A whole new range of packaging solutions enables our customers to transport hazardous goods in a safe and secure manner“, explains Udo Hummelsberger, Technical Product Manager at WERIT.


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