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26.06.2014 Pressemeldungen

Dr. Frohn and WERIT improve jerry can quality with Total’s Xsene HDPE 55060

Brussels, 22 May, 2014 – Total specifically developed XSENE HDPE 55060 as a direct response to the demands of the Industrial Packaging market. Thanks to Total's proprietary Advanced Double Loop (ADL) technology, the next generation XSENE HDPE 55060 was designed to offer increased rigidity, impact resistance and ESCR. With this improved performance, the jerry can offers a better cost-performance ratio. 

Dr. Frohn, a recognized supplier of plastic containers and drums to the chemical and oil industry, wanted to improve the performance of its jerry can in relation to pallet wrapping. XSENE HDPE 55060 was the Total’s answer to this technical challenge.

"With the XSENE HDPE 55060, our ECOVENT model could meet the new standards in terms of pallet wrapping without additional costs." Commented Dr. Eric Frohn "Indeed, at same weight, the stiffer jerry can produced out of XSENE HDPE 55060 has a better resistance to the shrink film and therefore shows lower lateral deformation. Furthermore, XSENE HDPE 55060 allows us to avoid the fluorination of the jerry can for highly sensitive applications including mineral oil. This improves our wide range of 1-60 litre jerry cans for the oil and chemical industry and illustrates our ability to innovate in the competitive industrial packaging environment."

The jerry can development was done in collaboration with WERIT in the UK. Andrew Carvell WERIT UK’s Production Manager: "This jerry can is the result of a fruitful technical collaboration between WERIT, Dr. Frohn and Total. It shows WERIT's capability to support customers in smaller industrial packaging applications such as jerry cans. Team work enabled the smooth introduction of XSENE HDPE 55060 in our facilities".

"Total approach is not to only sell materials but the whole solution." says Veerle Naets, Business Manager Technical Parts & Consumer Goods, Total. "Thanks to our expertise in polymers and processing thereof we again delivered a competitive advantage to our customer in the industrial packaging market."

XSENE HDPE 55060 was awarded with the Total Ecosolutions label for its performance in reducing jerry can weight at similar performance. However, as it is the case here, the industry also uses the resin to increase their product performance at same weight and cost.

The Refining & Chemicals Division of Total, one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, encompasses the refining and petrochemicals activities, and also the specialty chemicals, with more than 50,000 employees worldwide. The Refining & Chemicals Division is the first refiner and the second petrochemicals producer in Europe, includes 13 refineries, 20 petrochemicals production sites and more than 150 locations in specialty chemicals worldwide. The Refinery & Chemicals Division produces and commercializes a wide range of products from petroleum products to commodity polymers including base chemicals intermediates. Those products are used in many consumer and industrial markets.
Total Ecosolutions products and services deliver the same performance as most other available products and services, but offer the added benefit of reducing consumption of energy, water and other resources and/or reducing environmental impact.

DR.FROHN was established in 1958 and since this time has been involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of blow-molded packaging. The large number of patents reflects the innovative nature of their products, especially in the environmental and technical-application respect, such as the ability of safe and total discharge of the liquid.

While production up until 1979 took place exclusively at our own production plant in Munich-Deisenhofen, since then DR.FROHN has been pursuing a decentralised production strategy. In the course of the proceeding Europeanisation and decentralisation of our main buyers, the chemicals industry, chemicals wholesaler organisations and the mineral-oil industry, it became necessary to establish widely varying production sites throughout Europe.This concept has since this time been realised through collaboration with efficient partners all over Europe, Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America.

The advantages of this company strategy are:

  • Secure supply for customers
  • Just-in-time delivery via short freight routes throughout Europe
  • Standardisation of customer packagings, including abroad

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