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12.01.2014 Pressemeldungen

FSB: ensuring tanks are closed when full up

Battery tank systems shall in future be prevented from overfilling in a secure and reliable manner. Thanks to the new FSB system from WERIT, it is not just the first tank that will be monitored by a limit switch; it will also ensure that any other subsequent tanks belonging to a system never exceed their limits either.

WERIT FSB can be used universally and is easy to assemble, such as in new double-walled tank systems, or when retrofitting existing WERIT Techno E and Techno K safety tank systems.

Safety and comfort throughout the entire life cycle The liquid level limiter system from WERIT is easy to assemble on the one hand whilst also ensuring high levels of safety on the other hand. Comfort also plays an important role for WERIT's systems too.

The proper functioning of the monitoring probes and system can be examined at the touch of a button. The system independently disconnects itself from the power supply once each self-test or refuel has been completed, meaning therefore that it does not consume any additional power.

In the standard version of the liquid level limiter system (FSBG-I), up to six tanks within a battery tank system are monitored, and the larger FSBG-II system is able to monitor up to ten heating oil tanks. The items included here consist of a central evaluation unit and a cable to connect to the tanker junction box. A 230 V/50 Hz mains connection is required to operate the system.

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