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Safety in numbers with WERIT


Electrostatic charges are unpredictable and, despite the stringent safety standards in place, are still a common source of explosions igniting, which can of course cause serious material damage and personal injury. The cause is often down to the lack of dissipation when handling (filling), transporting and storing explosive materials. In order to avoid explosions, it is therefore necessary to neutralise the possible ignition source with suitably secure packaging for explosive substances. WERIT Kunststoffwerke is therefore setting standards with its PolyEx hazardous goods IBC.

The risk of explosion hazards as a result of electrostatic charges in particularly explosive atmospheres is present in many industries. In addition to carbon dust in mining sites, more and more explosive atmospheres may arise in the chemical and petrochemical industry as a result of operational practices in place. But it is also the case in the food industry that combustible dust is generated which, when combined with oxygen, creates a particularly flammable atmosphere. Other areas which are likely to have an explosive atmosphere include biogas production , the paint manufacturing industry, power plant technology and recycling and metalworking industries.

Electrostatic safety: the POLYex from WERIT

Against this backdrop, WERIT is able to provide a hazardous goods IBC that can help prevent the pitfalls of the plastic becoming electrostatically charged, particularly when filling. The PolyEx hazardous goods IBC from WERIT has several plastic layers, whereby the outer layer is made ??from conductive, anti-static polyethylene (HDPE). The structure is complemented by a conductive integrated outlet fitting and a double-sided screwed grounding cable. In addition, the cover ribs help to prevent any dangerous static charges. The PolyEx hazardous goods IBC from WERIT is approved for explosion proof areas 1 and 2 and is electrostatically safe in accordance with the Cenelec report CLC/TR 50404:2003 and TRBS 2153:2009.

A hazardous goods IBC with numerous positive secondary effects

In addition to the regular version with a wooden pallet and a natural coloured blow moulded inner container made from HDPE, the PolyEx can also be fitted with WERIT's plastic frame or skid pallet, which helps to make the hazardous goods containers even safer thanks to a variety of additional characteristics:

The improved pallet design ensures optimum water flow and also reduces the risk of bacteria build-up or other residues, something which is particularly important for the food industry. The pallets, which are chemically resistant to acids and alkalis, can be accessed from all four sides by a fork lift truck and are therefore easy to handle. These pallets can also be used for external storage purposes over longer periods of time without impairing quality. Thanks to their long life, they are also able to achieve a large number of circulations in distribution. The design, which allows for ease of use on roller trucks, means that WERIT's plastic pallets are also ideal for use for in automated storage and commissioning systems. Their shape remains stable, they are easy to keep clean and are also temperature resistant. They do not cause any changes to the transported goods in terms of their smell or taste. They hardly require any special treatment for pest control either. The pallets can also be nested away thanks to their optimum frame fixings and improved stackability. Last but not least, their light weight can also help to reduce transportation costs as well.

Increased safety thanks to signal colours

Electrostatically protected IBCs in particular must be labeled with safety instructions for their intended use as the anti-static protection is often not noticeable at first glance, and any confusion must be avoided. In order to achieve this, yellow identification stickers along with the safety information must in principle be placed on the label. Thanks to the special design of their frame, WERIT containers can also be provided with lateral stickers up to 250 x 750 mm in size. The WERIT IMAGEline range goes one step further and also offers the opportunity to increase safety levels by way of an alternative colour scheme for the inner container. A yellow, red or orange container, for example, between white or black containers has a strong signalling effect that ensures there is no misunderstanding. There are many options for clear labeling available in order to increase safety for internal or external plant traffic.

With its headquarters in Altenkirchen (Germany), WERIT Kunststoffwerke W. Schneider GmbH & Co.KG was established in 1949. The name WERIT has championed innovative products made of plastic. The owner-run company is characterised by its pioneering spirit and flexibility in order to be able to react quickly and efficiently to the demands of the market. More than 600 qualified employees are spread across Europe at nine different sites. WERIT has successfully put its years of experience and know-how into practice for the benefit of its customers within the areas of storage and shipping containers and plastic pallets. In addition to its comprehensive range of standard products, WERIT is also able to provide a number of project-related customer-oriented solutions that ensure the products are fully in line with the desired objective.

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