AdBlue® from WERIT

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AdBlue IBC Intermediate Bulk Container by WERIT

Secure throughout the entire range: BLUEline IBC for AdBlue®

This isn't just a shot in the dark by WERIT; in fact, the secure transport packaging for AdBlue® really hits the spot. This system (available with wooden pallets or plastic skid pallets or plastic frame pallets or the new combi frame pallets) safety transports the SCR solution to its destination.

Individual needs packaged in the best possible way; WERIT has been producing IBCs for more than 25 years. The company has reached the very peak of what is technically feasible within the area of 600l, 800l and 1000l packaging. However, in order to continue acting in a pioneering manner from an ecological perspective too, WERIT has developed BLUEline for AdBlue® – the secure transport packaging (available with wooden pallets or plastic skid pallets or plastic frame pallets or the new combi frame pallets). 

This is because the requirements for reducing commercial vehicle and passenger car emissions are becoming ever more stringent. This is why AdBlue® is being used in vehicles with SCR systems (SCR=selective catalytic reduction). 

It is used throughout the world to purify exhaust gases from cars, helping to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by up to 90%.

AdBlue® is made from urea (synthesis product from natural gas), a chemical which is dissolved in pure water. Although the product has excellent environmental credentials, it places high demands on the special inner container of the IBC, which is equipped with a CDS sampling system with sampling tube.

WERIT's BLUEline products meet all of these requirements in full, ensuring that the filling medium is transported to its destination securely and in an ecologically and financially sound manner.

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