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Plastic transport boxes

Plastic transport boxes from WERIT

  • Guarantees safe, reliable and efficient transport of raw materials and goods
  • Plastic boxes made of resistant PP or HDPE plastic
  • High resistance to most acids, alkaline solution and chemicals
  • Material will not warp between -40°C and +70°C

WERIT – your competent partner and specialist in the production of plastic transport boxes and other industrial packaging products that guarantee the safe, reliable and efficient transport of goods and raw materials. We produce plastic boxes using a reliable, robust, thermoplastic, resistant HDPE plastic that has ideal deformation properties and a high resistance to most acids, alkaline solutions and chemicals. This special material keeps its shape under temperatures from -40°C to +70°C and, thanks to the use of additives, can be adapted to suit any special application.

Christian Seidel
Market Manager
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Flexible in its application

Thanks to our extremely varied and very flexible range of products and matching accessories, our plastic transport boxes can be used both in the food and non-food sectors, and in plenty of other applications in all kinds of sectors and industries. This is where WERIT transport boxes show what they can do in the fields of transportation, storage and conveyor belt systems – day in, day out. We supply many customers from the foodstuffs, chemical and metal-processing industry, as well as from commerce, agriculture and other areas of general logistic. Put your trust in the reliability of our plastic transport boxes.

Our Euronorm ESD stacking boxes made of electrically-conducting plastic, for example, give you the ability to store and transport electrical components particularly safely. Effectively prevent electrostatic discharge and protect sensitive contents from damage, dirt and moisture.

No matter what you need your storage boxes for, at WERIT you will find a whole host of container types and matching accessories:

In some cases, companies need a special, tailor-made plastic transport box that is adapted to fit their specific conveyor belt system, for example. We are also a reliable and competent partner in this area. Get in touch with us now to have plastic transport boxes manufactured according to your individual needs and specifications.

WERIT will also ensure that you can always identify your plastic boxes with certainty. We offer various services here to make it easier to recognise your boxes.

Benefit from hot stamping, individual colour coding or the use of RFID transponders, for example. Talk to our customer service team about the necessary minimum order quantity for the individual production of plastic transport boxes. You can find the exact quantities under the respective product descriptions.

We’d be glad to help you with the planning

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Specific material solutions for special applications

Individual identification of your transport boxes is just one aspect of our tailoring services for companies. In order to meet even the most demanding specifications of particular areas of application, we offer specific material solutions. WERIT will adapt its series production models to suit the individual needs, wishes and desires of companies, for example. You can order anti-bacterial, UV-safe plastic transport boxes or boxes suitable for use with foodstuffs and much more with us.

Don’t want to compromise when it comes to hygiene? Concerned about germ build-up and germ concentration? That’s why WERIT developed the boxes in the STERIline range of products. Here, a special additive ensure that the medium cannot under any circumstances be contaminated by viruses, bacteria, mould or algae. There is also a self-cleaning effect – and of course we never use chemical biocides or volatile nano-materials here.

Tailor-made solutions – completely in line with your specifications

Has your company specialised in certain goods and products that require individual transportation and conveyor belt systems? WERIT offers specific, matching plastic container solutions for these individual specifications. Customers from a full range of sectors and industries can therefore comply with even the strictest of industry standards with ease – especially when it comes to safety in the workplace and/or accident prevention.

Talk to us about the individual production of transport boxes that we can tailor make for your industry standard – no matter if you need special ribbed bottoms, particularly skid-proof surfaces, or individual cut-outs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What sectors are the WERIT plastic transport boxes suitable for?

WERIT has a large customer base across a full range of sectors. All our products can be used in different sectors and will amaze with their varied application possibilities. Customers from the nutrition, drinks and foodstuffs industry, as well as from the automotive sector, from commerce and from logistics profit from the benefits of our products on a daily basis. Even companies from the pet food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and packaging industries value our products.

In general, our transport boxes are used here as storage boxes, waste containers, stacking containers, drip pans and large-volume containers. Tell us about your industry’s specific standards, and benefit from an individual transport box solution for your company.

How can I clearly identify my transport boxes?

As a specialist in the manufacturing of plastic containers, we offer a large range of identification and labelling options.

The following identification characteristics can be of particular help if you lend your transport boxes to third parties:

  • Hot stamping
  • Machine imprinting
  • Screen printing
  • RFID transponder
  • Bar codes
Do the transport boxes come in different colours?

We make sure that you get your containers in the exact colour you want. We offer a wide pallet of different colours here – from marine blue to RAL 3020 traffic red. For a small addition fee, we will also produce your box in another desired colour.

Download: RAL colours PDF
Your personal consultation on plastic transport boxes

Please contact me directly for a personal consultation. Call, or send me an e-mail, or get in touch using the following contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yours, Christian Seidel

Telephone: +49 2681 807 132

Plastic transport boxes from the specialists at WERIT

We are a competent partner in the area of developing and manufacturing specific container solutions. Use our special plastic products to transport or store your goods, products and raw materials in a very effective and economical manner. Get in touch today and request a non-binding quote!

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