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Industrial pallets

Industrial pallets made of high quality HDPE plastic offer you following features:

  • Different designs for every requirement
  • Optimal transportation and safe storage of crates, drums and Big Packs
  • Available in the standard dimensions of 1,200 x 1,000 x 160 mm
  • Low weight
  • High load capacity and resilience for medium and heavy loads
  • Made of robust and shatter-proof HDPE plastic
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WERIT industrial pallets offer the safety you need

High-quality industrial pallets from WERIT are an ideal tool for storing, transporting and exporting raw materials as well as other materials and goods in different fields of industry. Our 60 years of experience and the grown know-how and expertise in the industrial packaging industry along with our outstanding pallets made of innovative, robust and shatter-proof plastic (HDPE) offer our customers suitable pallets for all applications – either standardized or tailor-made.

Universally applicable for all industrial needs

The WERIT Plastic Pallets can be used almost everywhere. In particular, in the food and feedstuffs industries, in trade, market supply chains, logistics and as well in companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, packaging, films, cartons and animal feed sectors; they all benefit from standard sized 1,200 x 1,000 x 160 mm WERIT industrial pallets.

Our customers are completely convinced by the high load capacity and resilience of the pallets with moderately heavy to high loads, even if subjected to temperature fluctuations - despite their low weight.

Our industrial pallets

are perfect for the transport and storage of crates, drums and Big Packs.

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Our industrial pallets in detail

The different industrial pallet options are characterised in part by industry-specific (technical) features and are matched to meet specific requirements. WERIT pallets have following properties in common: high loading capacity, excellent dimensional stability, high dynamic loads and resistance to splintering.

IKP 1213

Weighing only 14 kg, the IKP 1213 pallet is a lightweight pallet in industrial size and it comes in many different design types. A broad range of applications can thus be covered. In order to comply with all safety requirements at all times, the IKP 1213 can be equipped with up to six steel profiles and 12 anti-slip plugs. For these reasons, the WERIT Industrial Plastic Pallet offers a flexible solution for transport and high-rack storage.

An optional 22 mm anti-slip edge as a special version, an open skid system and a dynamic load capacity of 800 kg make this pallet an ideal load carrier almost everywhere.

IKP 1215

The 1215 pallet, belonging to the IKP product series range, is also a lightweight pallet in industry size (1,200 x 1,000 x 150 mm), just like the IKP 1213. Weighing 15 kg, the frame pallet has a dynamic load capacity of 1,000 kg and boasts all the additional features of the IKP 1213 model.

HDPE – perfect plastic for high quality products

WERIT industrial pallets are made of thermoplastic material and are manufactured by the polymerization of ethene, which has excellent material properties. Chemists differentiate between HDPE and LDPE. Here, “HD” stands for “high density“ and “LD” stands for “low density“; these two terms describe the density of the polymer chains.

WERIT uses virgin and regenerated HDPE for the manufacture of pallets. This highly developed, thermoplastic material exhibits ideal deformation properties, which are ideally suited for the manufacture of plastic pallets, storage and transportation containers. By means of additives we are also able to produce pallets to meet our customers’ wishes and requirements.

Additional benefits of HDPE:

  • Dimensionally stable at temperatures from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius
  • Resistant to most acids, bases and chemicals

To ensure responsible use of our natural resources, we also use regenerated HDPE - high-quality and separated HDPE regrind - for some pallets. Recycling in this way reduces environmentally harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when our pallets are manufactured.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):
What does the term “dynamic load” mean?

A pallet‘s dynamic load is tested with an evenly distributed load on a fork lift at a room temperature of 20 degrees. Criteria such as deformation and stability play an important role here.

Please note that the information about dynamic load refers to characteristic properties under specific testing conditions. Abnormal values could occur as the result of specific operating conditions, different load types, environmental temperatures and length of use.

Can WERIT industrial pallets be made using special colours and materials?

With IKP 1213 and 1215 pallets you have the option of ordering special colors or materials for orders of more than 500 items. We offer all RAL colors, so that your pallets exactly meet your CI. Please do get in touch with our customer service team, who would be happy to submit a personalized offer.

Your personal advice on industrial pallets

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Order WERIT HDPE plastic pallets

WERIT is the specialist in industrial pallets made from robust and durable HDPE plastic. Get efficient storage and economic transport and order high quality pallets from WERIT– we look forward to your Enquiry and will gladly offer more detailed advice.

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