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Heating oil tanks

Heating oil tanks with a holding capacity of up to 5,000 litres

  • Safe, durable and stationary overground storage of heating oil
  • For industry, commercial enterprises and domestic households
  • With and without strapping. Single- or double-walled, as a safety tank
  • Holding capacity of up to 5,000 litres and Bio-15 approval
  • Individually adjustable next to each other or one behind the other, as battery tanks, multi-block tanks as well as corner tank facilities
  • Broad range of accessories
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Heating oil tanks from WERIT – Your ideal storage container

These tanks really demonstrate their potential when it comes to the safe, durable and stationary overground storage of liquid and paste-like filling media, such as heating oil and vegetable oil, in a variety of different industries, commercial enterprises and in private houses.

Depending on your requirements, our product range gives you the choice between heating oil tanks both with and without strapping as well as double-walled safety tanks boasting a holding capacity of up to 5,000 litres, in addition to Bio-15 approval.

Double-Walled Tanks

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Heating oil tanks made of plastic material – safe storage of heating oil with cutting-edge technology

The entire WERIT product range is characterised by excellent material and production quality, and know-how acquired through decades of experience in the manufacturing of industrial tanks. In addition, we are members of the “German Association of Storage Containers”. The association’s own customer portal gives you the opportunity to learn how to keep your heating oil storage up to date.

Several different installation options thanks to our large range of accessories.

Whether individual tanks, battery tanks, multi-block tanks or corner tank systems, next to each other or one behind the other, with the appropriate installation kits you always have the right accessories at your disposal. This ensures that you can set up your storage facility to make the maximum use of your building layout and still comply with all safety clearances:

  • Basic installation kits
  • Extension kits
  • Connection kits
  • Corner kits and
  • Appropriate buoyancy restraints.

Matching pump packages for domestic household tanks also facilitate the transport of liquid and paste-like filling media. Need a plan for a vegetable oil system?

If so, please contact our customer service team – we would be happy to provide you with an individual offer!

Excellent protection against overfilling.

Battery tank systems in particular are at risk of being overfilled. WERIT’s overfill safety system (ÜFS) protects against overfilling by using a limit indicator to monitor not only the first tank, but also any other tank in your system.

WERIT’s overfill protection system is characterized by simple installation and, in addition, is universally applicable and can be retrofitted easily. This means you will always be on the safe side with, for example, our double-walled tank systems or with existing safety tanks from the Techno E and Techno K series, as well as single-walled tank systems.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):
Which wall clearances have to be observed for one-to-five row batteries?

There are a few things to consider when installing tank batteries. For example, wall clearances are explicitly laid down by regulation:

  • Single-row batteries (single and double-walled heating oil tanks) must observe a minimum distance of 40 centimetres from the side of the container, for all other containers a minimum of five centimetres. There are currently no requirements for the distance to the ceiling.
  • For two-row batteries (multi-block system) with single-walled heating oil tanks, there must be a minimum distance of 40 centimetres between three adjacent container sides, or two adjacent containers with double-walled oil tanks. Five centimetres for all other container sides.
  • Three-to-five-row batteries (multi-block-system) of up to 15 containers with single or double-walled tanks must have a minimum distance of 40 centimetres on the front side and the two long sides, as well as and five centimetres for all other sides of the container. Installation will only be possible if WERIT’s overfill safety system is used.
  • For all multi-block systems, a ceiling clearance of at least 60 centimetres applies in all cases where not all the containers can be reached from the ground for installation, inspection and maintenance tasks.
  • For our special WERIT Techno 1003 HW flood tank, a minimum wall distance of 40 centimetres is required between the wall and a container side and five centimetres for all other sides.

Please note that the flood tank can only be installed as a single-row battery.

Does WERIT offer a factory warranty for heating oil tanks?

We have every confidence in the quality and safety of our tanks and the plastic material of our heating oil tanks. Because of that, we not only comply with the statutory warranty obligations, but we also offer our technical wholesale customers a five-year-factory guarantee on all single-walled tanks as well as 15 years on double-walled Techno tanks. We offer a two-year-guarantee on all technical accessories.

Where can I learn about tank dimensions and which accessories I need?

Find more detailed information about all of our heating oil tanks in our product catalogue (download as PDF file). The following applies to inquiries regarding required accessories:

To install a tank, you always need a basic installation kit. If you want to install another tank alongside, you will also need an extension kit. Back-to-back installations require a connection kit. A corner kit is always required for corners.

Your personal consultation on heating oil tanks

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Order high-quality heating oil tanks at WERIT

The WERIT-series of heating oil tanks, including the Techno E, Techno K, Techno HW ranges and single-walled tanks are ideal storage containers for liquids and paste-like filling media. Order our extensive info material for wholesalers today - Please call us on or email us.

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