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EURO H1 Hygiene pallets


The WERIT EURO H1 pallet – hygienic all-rounder

For over 20 years we have applied our know-how and experience to the development of our hygiene pallets in order to manufacture high-quality carrier products from robust plastic, which are characterised by a high load capacity and a long service life. Furthermore, WERIT load carriers win you over with first class hygiene standards, high dimensional stability, universal applicability and economic efficiency, thanks to an effective multiple-use system. The EURO H1 hygiene pallet particularly stands out with its new GS1 label (formerly EHI label), as they are fully interchangeable.

Jason Waywell
National Sales Manager
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Unrestricted serviceability

  • Surfaces free of foreign bodies, cavities, cracks, burrs, and other defects
  • Detergent & antiseptic-resistant, short-cycle washing temperature of 90 °C

Static test

  • Rack storage 850kg – max. Sag 12 mm
  • Pressure test

Dynamic tests

  • Drop test +40°C/-25°C from 2 m
  • Corner edge test +40°C/-28°C from 4 m
  • Impact test
  • Roller conveyor endurance test
  • Internal pressure test
  • Wetting agent solution test

Tested quality certified (DIN 55423-5, 55423-6)

  • Polyethylene, new goods
  • Weight – maximum tolerance deviation ±1 %
  • Suitable for a temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Runners closed and waterproof
  • Stable in size and shape
  • Colour: light grey
more about DIN plus:


GS1 certified – solution partners

safe – quality assurance

The strict approval and monitoring process ensures the consistently high quality of the EURO H1 hygiene pallets in the open pool. EURO H1 hygiene pallets meet the highest quality requirements and are therefore exchangeable everywhere.

distinctive – simple allocation

The GS1 Germany logo makes the EURO H1 hygiene pallets recognisable at first glance right from the receipt of goods. Using the GS1 approval number each pallet can be traced back to the manufacturer and the corresponding pallet tool, thus providing effective protection from counterfeits.

efficient – supply chain

All parties involved in the supply chain, from the pre-supplier to the manufacturer and the seller, benefit from the quality control system.


Facts and figures

  • Basis for standardised crate systems, compatible with the H2 half-pallet and the E-crate (E1-E3).
  • Welded runners guarantee high hygiene standard and smooth running on roller conveyor.
  • Two-sided chamfered edges of all runners for optimal use with forklift trucks.
  • The H1 hygiene pallet without a central locking device and anti-slip edge (7 mm) is produced under the same parameters and quality standards.
800 x 600 mm

As an addition to the EURO H1 hygiene pallet and the E-crate system

1200 x 800 mm

Standard load carriers in all industrial sectors (EURO H1, H1, H1-R, H1-L, IKP1208)

1200 x 1000 mm

For the transportation of crates, drums and Big Packs (IKP1213, IKP1215)

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