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Drip Pan

Drip pans are safe and reliable

  • For maximum safety and reliability
  • Optimum secondary protection for industrial and safety tanks
  • Made of stable HDPE plate material – shock- and shatter-proof, dimensionally stable, long-lasting and robust
  • In black or natural colour
  • Easy to clean for maximum cleanliness
  • Drip pans as tailor-made solutions

Drip pans from WERIT

Industrial and safety tanks from WERIT guarantee maximum safety and reliability. For single-walled tanks, the law stipulates so-called secondary protection in case of stationary storage of water-hazardous liquids. A drip pan made of stable HDPE plate material offers the best protection here. All WERIT drip pans can be combined with all our industrial and safety tanks and can also be purchased as tailor-made solutions.

Kevin Streginski
Junior Market Manager Industrietanks
Tel. +49 2681 807 135

Drip pans made of homogeneous HDPE plastic

The material used at WERIT is the best for this application – shock- and shatter-proof, dimensionally stable, very long-lasting, and extremely robust. The plastic, manufactured through the polymerisation of ethene, will keep its shape at temperatures ranging from -20 to +60°C, and is resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and chemicals. It therefore complies with all legal requirements for safe and reliable storage of your paste and liquid special media, and hazardous materials.

You can purchase drip pans from us in black or natural colours. The smooth inner walls allow your employees to clean the pans with ease, thereby achieving maximum cleanliness.

Drip pans as tailor-made solutions

In many cases, storage areas or warehouses do not have uniform or standardised dimensions. Companies require here tailor-made tanks with individual dimensions in order to make economical use of their space. As well as tailor-made industrial tanks, we also offer tailor-made drip pans. This means you can always get the right size drip pan to guarantee maximum safety.

Should you require drip pans for existing storage tanks, please contact us – we will be happy to advise you on all the specifications necessary for achieving the best solution for you.

Drip pans as a flexible accessory for industrial tanks

The WERIT product portfolio consists of a wide range of products, including practical accessories, to ensure that all our products can be used in as varied and flexible a manner as possible. As well as other accessories for your WERIT industrial or safety tank, we also manufacture matching, space-saving drip pans. These can be combined with all our industrial and storage tanks – irrespective of whether the volume is 1,000 or 5,000 litres.

Select the correct size of drip pan

The relevant authorities stipulate a minimum volume for drip pans. This minimum volume is 110 per cent of the volume capacity of the relevant industrial or storage tank. If you want to use a single-walled tank, you must therefore allow the necessary space for the pan in your calculations. In some cases, it may make sense to use double-walled safety tanks which make secondary protection unnecessary under certain circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Do WERIT drip pans also come in other colours?

We manufacture our drip pans from homogeneous HDPE plastic in black and natural colours as standard. If you require a different colour, you should contact us in advance – we will be happy to advise you on your options here.

What size should a drip pan be?

This always depends on the individual tank and on-site situation. The law stipulates that a drip pan must be capable of catching at least 110 per cent of the volume its associated tank. Provided you have sufficient space, you can also select a larger base area for the pan. If you do not have sufficient space, you must select a smaller base area and higher pan walls accordingly. We will be happy to help you calculate the optimum size for your drip pan. Please contact us.

Do you manufacture drip pans with special connectors?

In general, we are able to integrate all the special connections that we use for industrial tanks in drip pans as well. These include, amongst others, ball and drain cock, threaded couplings or loose flanges. Please observe the requirements stipulated by the TÜV (German Technical Supervisory Authority) or any other relevant authority here.

How safe is a WERIT drip pan?

WERIT’s drip pans comply with all requirements for safe retention of media in case of damage. We select different wall thicknesses for this – depending on volume. The HDPE plates are welded exclusively by specialised experts working with the most modern machines and technology. We will be happy to provide you with documentation on the machines used and the available welding processes for TÜV (German Technical Supervisory Authority) approval – just ask out Customer Service.

Your personal consultation on drip pans

Please contact me directly for a personal consultation. Call, e-mail or send me a message using the following contact form. I will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Yours, Jutta Eichelhardt

Telephone: +49 2681 807 165

Drip pans from WERIT

A WERIT drip pan means you are always on the safe side when storing liquid and paste media, or even water-hazardous media. It doesn’t matter whether you want to order a new industrial tank or if you already have a existing tank set-up. We will also be happy to manufacture drip pans according to your individual specifications. get in touch with us today and let as advise you on the best solution for your company.

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